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Calligraphy Workshops

BIG. BRIGHT. ENERGY. That's what our workshops send out. And we're inviting you to be a part of it 🤗

Join us at our chill in-person, calligraphy workshops at our cute cafe + studio venue in Sydney, and...

👉 Say hello to your new hobby and flex your creative muscles 🥰

👉 Unlock your creative superpowers and immerse yourself in the calm + mindful vibes of modern calligraphy

👉 Learn how to write in pretty calligraphy and create + personalise your own gifts, cards, and make your DIY projects look dope 😎

👉 Been curious about calligraphy and been wanting to try it? 😗 Book into one of our workshops today and finally learn how to write using a pointed calligraphy pen and ink!

👉 Connect with a vibrant community of likeminded individuals who share similar values and make some new friends 💕

👉 If you're into creative ventures: Try one of our workshops - you won't be disappointed! Take advantage of getting expert guidance and learn from years of calligraphy experience from a professional calligraphy artist, which will allow you to excel faster than if you were to learn by yourself.

👉 If you're a business owner: Add calligraphy personalisation for clients in your own biz and elevate your brand (yasss queen!) 😎

👉 if you're getting hitched: Get the calligraphy skills you'll need to create your own wedding signage and place cards for your big day 🍾

👉 If you're a digital designer: Digital calligraphy on an iPad is a thing. Incorporate your new found calligraphy skills into your logo and branding designs for clients 🤩

😍🎉BONUS! When you attend our workshops, you'll receive a personalised calligraphy kit you’d be keen to show off on your socials!😗✌️

We cannot wait to welcome you at one of our workshops!

We are currently offering 2 different workshop levels - choose from our beginners or intermediate workshops to suit your skill level.

Our workshops run on selected Saturdays from 10am - 1pm in 📍 Sydney (Tempe, NSW).

Make sure you book early as places are limited and book out early 👀

What you get

All attendees receive a cute, personalised take home calligraphy kit which includes everything you'll need to complete our workshop 🥰

Learn with Nikki

Workshops are hosted personally by Nikki, a professional calligraphy artist. Learn modern calligraphy in a relaxed studio environment, with small class sizes of no more than 20 students, ensuring you get plenty of 1:1 coaching.

Nikki has worked professionally with brands like Burberry, Audi, Calvin Klein, TikTok and more.

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Meet new people

Join us for an awesome day of calligraphy and meet new, like-minded people who share the same interests as you 🥰 We're really looking forward to meeting you at our next workshop!

Our Cute Venue

Our workshops are held at Clock On/Off Cafe and Studio 😍 It's a pretty, modern studio + cafe (great coffee here btw!) in Tempe, NSW.

Closest train station: Our venue is only a 12-minute walk from Wolli Creek train station

Parking: There is plenty of off-street parking on Hart and Wentworth Streets.

Address: 880 Princes Hwy, Tempe NSW 2044

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Thanks Nikki for a wonderful session. 3 hours flew by and within that time, I learnt the fundamentals to take away with me to practice my newly acquired skill. It's the perfect personal touch I've always wanted to add to my home made goods I made for fam and friends. Nikki observed me and provided tips on getting the best style strokes. Materials were provided so it was handy to get started on practicing straight away and Nikki provided plenty of info on where to get supplies, recommendations and how to care for my new items. The personalised agate was a lovely touch and to remember this occasion. I'd recommend this for anyone looking to learn calligraphy, and for anyone looking for something relaxing to learn and do - you're in good hands with Nikki.


Bought this workshop as a bday gift to attend with my sis-in-law and we had a great time learning from Nikki while doing some drills. The workshop is set up with everything you need and the take home packs were handy to be able to continue practicing later at home. Nikki is very friendly and gave fantastic guidance.


I took my friend to one of Nikki’s classes for her birthday and it’s the best thing we’ve done. Nikki is so incredibly friendly and warm making the time absolutely fly. I looked into a LOT of calligraphy classes before booking and found most didn’t include equipment. Nikki however not only included all the tools but had a personally made how to manual and workbook all presented in a box. She clearly went above and beyond with presentation of equipment and the space. Her one-on-one guidance and encouragement has ensured we have continued practicing in order to make her proud! Could not recommend her classes and work enough!


This class was so universally great in so many ways. Nikki was such a pleasure to learn from with her vibrant personality that created such a comfortable and relaxed calligraphy experience. I loved the one on one interactions and being able to revive tailored advice making sure I was on the right track throughout the class. The location was amazing as it was near a cafe and getting a coffee beforehand was such a great way to add to the chill atmosphere.


This class was amazing! Nikki was absolutely lovely plus extremely knowledgable and approachable. Learnt alot and the 3 hours flew by! Our take home kits are so gorgeous and I look forward to practising in my own time.


I attended a calligraphy class and I would definitely recommend it. Nikki is a great teacher with lots of enthusiasm! Very casual and relaxing class! Loved how friendly Nikki was to all her students. All the essential materials are provided along with great tips and tricks! *wink* She's very professional, approachable, and really thorough. She'll go around the class to see if every one is doing okay or if anyone has a question. Never a dull moment , what a lively class it has been. Would definitely recommend to others as well. :)


Nikki's Calligraphy beginner's workshop was amazing! Easy intro for complete beginners like me, and she goes around the room doing 1 on 1, correcting your posture, answering your questions, and demonstrating! The package you can take home is also a great bonus! You can keep practicing and also try new things at a reasonably low price. Great skillset to have that will make your life a little fancier!

Yoon @yoonwintermade

I attended a Caligraphy class and I would definitely recommend it. Nikki is a great teacher with lots of enthusiasm!
I learnt more than expected in the class and took away a new skill!

Theresa @lookingforlotus

Go check out this wonderful woman's Instagram @nikkidesignco If you're interested in calligraphy, go to her workshop, the talented & Queen of Calligraphy!


Getting them calligraphy skills for a year of DIY for the wedding! Such a good workshop! Nikki was amazing! The whole vibe of the workshop was so enjoyable and it was so therapeutic doing the drills. You were an amazing teacher, I'd learnt so much and enjoyed your jokes too! Thanks again Nikki!! All the best with the bubba!


Nikki is super friendly and I love the goodie bag that has everything I need to start calligraphy at home. It was a great workshop!


Nikki’s class was a great introduction to modern calligraphy! The class is very hands on, starting to practice almost straight away which was great. Nikki then spends a lot of time with each group giving advice and tips on how to perfect your writing! The location was also amazing, so spacious and great coffee!


Amazing! Amazing! So motivated to keep practising! Thank you so much x


Thanks so much Nikki! Your bright personality makes the class that much more fun! All the best with the rest of the pregnancy and can't wait to see bub feature on Insta!!


Thank you so much for such a fun day Nikki! Loved the class and the way you taught! And thank you to Amanda for gifting me a memorable day.


Great class! Loved the casual trendy vibe of the venue, the materials provided. and how thorough the teacher was. Would definitely recommend this to others. A really fun, relaxing class!


This is my first time being introduced to modern calligraphy and I had so much fun in learning ! Nikki brings good energy to the workshop and she is very patient, friendly and professional!


Great workshop! So inspired to be doing calligraphy once again - thank you Nikki!


I had the workshop with Nikki, she is so friendly and patient. Highly recommend if you are interested in modern calligraphy. You won't be disappointed.


Nikki is amazing! I did an introduction class to Modern Calligraphy conducted by Nikki and she sure knows what she is doing and talking about. Nikki is so lovely and such a patient and fun teacher. The tips given were super helpful and simple to understand. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of trying out calligraphy.

Lynn @flynnandco_cakes

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