Calligraphy Workshops

Workshop: Introduction to Modern Calligraphy

Location: Sydney

Learn the basics of modern calligraphy in a fun and relaxed studio environment! I'll show you some of my favourite tools and materials and what you need to get started, how to hold and write with an oblique calligraphy pen (which you'll get in your cute calligraphy take home kits 🔥), we'll do some basic calligraphy drills and strokes, learn how to write the alphabet and how to start joining your letters!

Upcoming workshops:

Saturday, July 10, 2021 (POSTPONED DUE TO NSW LOCKDOWN)

Venue: Clock On/Off Studio and Cafe, Tempe NSW 2044 

Time: 10am - 1pm

This is a 3 hour workshop

Cost: $120 per person


Tools and materials to get you started

How to use the oblique pen effectively and how to actually use these tools so you can write!

Basic calligraphy drills and strokes

Writing the alphabet in a modern calligraphy style

Joining your letters

Knowledge Required: None! This workshop is perfect for complete beginners! (You must be over 18 years of age to attend this workshop)

This workshop suits both right handed and left handed students :)

Class size: 20 students max

What to Bring: All materials and tools will be provided by me, PLUS you'll get a cute, personalised take home calligraphy kit with you!

Your kit will include:

A Luis Creations Moblique 2 - in - 1 straight and pointed pen holder

Starter calligraphy nib

Sumi calligraphy ink

Personalised agate with your name on it - cute!

Nikki Design Co. modern calligraphy booklet

Worksheets + Paper for your beautiful calligraphy work

Supplies list of where you can buy some of my favourite calligraphy stuff!

All packaged in our premium, black calligraphy box

nikki design co calligraphy workshop australia

Learn with me

All our workshops are hosted personally by Nikki. Learn how to get started in modern calligraphy in a relaxed studio environment, with small class sizes of no more than 20 students.

nikki design co sydney calligraphy workshop australia

Meet new people

Join us for an awesome day of lettering and meet likeminded new peeps! I'm really looking forward to meeting you at our next workshop!

clock on off tempe

Our Cute Venue

Our workshops are held at our favourite venue - Clock On/Off Studio + Cafe in Tempe, Sydney! It's a private and spacious studio, right next to a cafe serving the best coffee and treats just next door! 

past workshops


I took my friend to one of Nikki’s classes for her birthday and it’s the best thing we’ve done. Nikki is so incredibly friendly and warm making the time absolutely fly. I looked into a LOT of calligraphy classes before booking and found most didn’t include equipment. Nikki however not only included all the tools but had a personally made how to manual and workbook all presented in a box. She clearly went above and beyond with presentation of equipment and the space. Her one-on-one guidance and encouragement has ensured we have continued practicing in order to make her proud! Could not recommend her classes and work enough!

- Megan

I attended a calligraphy class and I would definitely recommend it. Nikki is a great teacher with lots of enthusiasm! Very casual and relaxing class! Loved how friendly Nikki was to all her students. All the essential materials are provided along with great tips and tricks! *wink* She's very professional, approachable, and really thorough. She'll go around the class to see if every one is doing okay or if anyone has a question. Never a dull moment , what a lively class it has been. Would definitely recommend to others as well. :)

- Kaye

Nikki's Calligraphy beginner's workshop was amazing! Easy intro for complete beginners like me, and she goes around the room doing 1 on 1, correcting your posture, answering your questions, and demonstrating! The package you can take home is also a great bonus! You can keep practicing and also try new things at a reasonably low price. Great skillset to have that will make your life a little fancier!

- Yoon @yoonwintermade

I attended a Caligraphy class and I would definitely recommend it. Nikki is a great teacher with lots of enthusiasm!
I learnt more than expected in the class and took away a new skill!

- Theresa @lookingforlotus

Go check out this wonderful woman's Instagram @nikkidesignco If you're interested in calligraphy, go to her workshop, the talented & Queen of Calligraphy!

- Irene

Getting them calligraphy skills for a year of DIY for the wedding! Such a good workshop! Nikki was amazing! The whole vibe of the workshop was so enjoyable and it was so therapeutic doing the drills. You were an amazing teacher, I'd learnt so much and enjoyed your jokes too! Thanks again Nikki!! All the best with the bubba!

- Roschelle

Nikki is super friendly and I love the goodie bag that has everything I need to start calligraphy at home. It was a great workshop!

- Katty

Nikki’s class was a great introduction to modern calligraphy! The class is very hands on, starting to practice almost straight away which was great. Nikki then spends a lot of time with each group giving advice and tips on how to perfect your writing! The location was also amazing, so spacious and great coffee!

- Ciara

Amazing! Amazing! So motivated to keep practising! Thank you so much x

- Valen

Thanks so much Nikki! Your bright personality makes the class that much more fun! All the best with the rest of the pregnancy and can't wait to see bub feature on Insta!!

- Cassie

Thank you so much for such a fun day Nikki! Loved the class and the way you taught! And thank you to Amanda for gifting me a memorable day.

- Thuy 

Great class! Loved the casual trendy vibe of the venue, the materials provided. and how thorough the teacher was. Would definitely recommend this to others. A really fun, relaxing class!

- Katie

This is my first time being introduced to modern calligraphy and I had so much fun in learning ! Nikki brings good energy to the workshop and she is very patient, friendly and professional!

- Alina

Great workshop! So inspired to be doing calligraphy once again - thank you Nikki!

- Amelie

I had the workshop with Nikki, she is so friendly and patient. Highly recommend if you are interested in modern calligraphy. You won't be disappointed.

- Grace

Nikki is amazing! I did an introduction class to Modern Calligraphy conducted by Nikki and she sure knows what she is doing and talking about. Nikki is so lovely and such a patient and fun teacher. The tips given were super helpful and simple to understand. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of trying out calligraphy.

- Lynn @flynnandco_cakes

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