HI! I'm Nikki

I’m a graphic designer and self - taught calligrapher who works out of my Sydney home office in yoga pants and mum bun hair with my hubby Ryan and babies Abbie + Alex. I love burgers 🍔 , old school R&B and Muay Thai boxing! 

Welcome to Nikki Design Co. - thank you so much for dropping by and getting to know us. It's nice to meet you x

I didn’t always do what I loved to do - Several years ago, I worked full time at Sydney Uni as a Marketing Officer and had been there for about 7 years. At some point, even though I loved the people that I worked with, I started feeling like a zombie and eventually felt uninspired in my job. I then launched my side hustle - Curated Label - my own jewellery line that was my baby and my creative outlet at the time.

When Ryan asked me to marry him (we had been together for 9 years), I felt so excited to start wedding planning and was on Pinterest ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME! 😂  I was inspired. I felt motivated to do something creative. I went on a calligraphy meet up, tried lettering and I fell in love with it. 😍  Our wedding day got closer and we decided to have an intimate garden wedding - I really wanted to make elements for our wedding myself…this is pretty much what started Nikki Design Co. The first wedding sign I ever painted was for my own wedding on March 12, 2016 at The Residences in Centennial Park.

From then on, while I was still working at Uni, I was also working on Nikki Design Co. after work, on week nights, and on the weekends. I invested in a coffee machine (thank you caffeine) and eventually, Ryan (thanks babe!) started helping me paint signs in our living room while watching Masterchef when I started getting more people wanting me to make their wedding signs for them. First it was family, then it was friends, and then other people started hearing about my signs and before I knew it, Nikki Design Co. had kicked off. I remember thinking Damn! I think I've found something I really like to do! 😭

Most days, you'll find me at home in my Sydney home office aka. the living room or the kitchen table, designing welcome signs, lettering place cards or triple checking that seating chart for the twentieth time just to make extra sure everything is as it should be. Probably busting out a move or two to Beyonce or DJ Khaled.

You wanna know what makes me feel hella amazing? Making people something unique and something beautiful and theirs on their big day, because when I think back to my own wedding and remember seeing everyone appreciate the care and detail we've put into making our day ours, made everything that much more special. I’m probably having my 3rd cup of coffee ☕ right about now, dreaming of ways I can help you have your perfect day ❤️, with that exchange of rings and first kiss, you and your partner surrounded by your family and friends, all that love and laughter from that funny best man speech, your dad killin' it on the dance floor with his groovy moves, your squad clinking their champagne glasses for more kisses and cheers, you and your partner running through your sparkler send off into the getaway car and onto your next adventure...let's get you closer to your happily ever after ⭐

PS: I don’t just make pretty signs, I also love to teach and often you’ll find me hosting calligraphy workshops around Sydney, or lettering at live activation events for brands. Absolutely love what I do, and I feel so blessed to be able to do this everyday.

I am so glad you are here, welcome to the Nikki Design Co. family.


Thank You

Thank you for stopping by and choosing to support Australian made and our small family business.

Nikki, Ryan, Abbie, Alex, Pompom & Bob