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Brand Activations & Events

Live Calligraphy & Luxury Engraving

An amazing personalisation experience can cultivate customer loyalty, lead to repeat business and long-term brand advocacy.

Here at Nikki Design Co., we use live calligraphy and luxury engraving to provide brands with an awesome experiential marketing experience for their clients that will get them excited about your brand πŸ”₯

😎 How live personalisation can elevate your next brand activation event, create hype, boost customer traffic and help you make more sales:

πŸͺ„THE EXPERIENCE: Create a memorable experience for your customers with a live calligraphy or engraving event, where they get the opportunity to presonalise merch, which creates a unique + magical experience for your attendees 🀩✨

πŸͺ„ ENGAGEMENT: Live calligraphy creates positive engagement and interaction from your customers as they watch their items being personalised, creating brand loyalty and connection with your brand 😍

πŸͺ„ MAKE IT INSTAGRAM-WORTHY: Create social media buzz when your customers share their personalised items on Instagram, generating organic buzz and good PR for your brand, leading to increased traffic and more sales - winning!

πŸͺ„DRIVE SALES: The exclusivity and personal touch of live personalization can encourage customers to make more purchases and spend more at your event 🀯

πŸͺ„ CUSTOMER LOYALTY: A good personalisation experience can cultivate customer loyalty, leading to repeat business and long-term brand advocacy πŸ₯°πŸ’•

Incorporating live personalisation with our specialised calligraphy and engraving service will not only enhance the attendee experience, but also contribute to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately, greater sales and success!

On-site calligraphy

Nikki from Nikki Design Co. personalising Christmas baubles for a brand activation event ✨

Let's work together to provide your clients with an unforgettable experience that will elevate your brand story, boost traffic and sales for your brand, and nurture brand loyalty.

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What is 'Live Personalisation'?

In-Studio Calligraphy

Champagne & Wine Calligraphy

Personalised champagne & wine bottles perfect for personal or corporate gifting.

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