Business Mentorship Session


My one on one business mentorship sessions are designed around YOU and what you need to know about running a successful creative business, no matter what stage you're at in your journey. Use what I've learned in the years I've invested in my own calligraphy & signage business, to learn and execute practical strategies aligned with your vision and focused towards your goals, and let's work together and kickstart your successful, creative business.

  • Are you a calligrapher who wants to learn how to turn your passion into a successful, money-making side hustle? 😍
  • Do you want to start your own signage biz but don't know where to start, what machines or materials you'll need, how to source suppliers, price your work, find the right clients and promote your brand to the right target market? 🤔
  • So you got a Cricut what? Find out how to use one, what you can make with it, and how to turn this tool into a money-making machine 💰💰💰
  • You know branding and marketing is important, but you feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning your Instagram content, let alone develop a social media strategy that converts those eyeballs 👀 into sales 💸
  • You want to launch your creative biz NOW and don't want to waste any more time Googling and overloading yourself with too much information. Learn practical, actionable strategies today so you can save your valuable time and intentionally focus your energy into running a successful, creative business!😊💖 

Book a mentorship session with me today and use me as a resource to learn what I've learned throughout the years of running my own successful, calligraphy and signage business from home, a mum of 2 kids under 3, without needing a fancy home office or expensive equipment. 

Use me as a resource and use what I've learned in the 5 years that I've invested in my own signage and calligraphy biz Nikki Design Co., to develop a practical, focused strategy for your business that converts, shed light on mistakes I've made in the past so you won't have to, and most importantly, save you valuable time trying to figure things out, and allow you to focus your energy into launching and running a successful, creative biz!

Booking Your Session:

In-person: These sessions are available within Sydney, Australia only. Minimum 2-hour sessions can be booked.

Virtual: Phone or video call sessions are available wherever you are in the world. Minimum 1-hour sessions can be booked. 

To book, simply select how many hours you would like, then click the 'schedule your time' button to bring up our booking calendar to select your date and time. Done!

Have any questions? Please feel free to send me a message here, thank you so much 🥰